Best STARTERtallinn team will be in entrepreneurship already in 2022

The STARTER autumn program best ones have been selected. Priit, the representative of Harbor AR from TalTech shares best STARTER experiences.

How did you get into the STARTER program?
Harbor AR got its start from Taltech Marinhäkk and from there we have been looking for different ways to educate ourselves and make our idea a reality. Starter Tallinn was recommended to us by several mentors present at Marinehäkk.
What were the biggest lessons and surprises during the STARTER program?
There have been many very strong lectures and mentors during the program. Personally, it came as a great surprise to me how the valuation of start-ups is assessed. While testing the first prototypes, I was at least surprised by what developments are expected from these companies. We learned a lot and are smarter and more aware thanks to STARTER. Winning the STARTERtallinn Grand Prix is definitely a great encouragement to further develop your idea. From this program we gained more contacts and much-needed knowledge about the startup world.
What are your future plans with your idea?
Harbor AR wants to increase port and port security. Our technology allows you to see clear lines in the harbor pool during limited visibility, just like in the parking lots where you drive. We plan to install the first equipment in Estonian ports already in 2022.