Siim Mikael Martin : I was most influenced by whole mindset of entrepreneurs

Siim Mikael Martin from team TööPesa (Tabasalu Gymnasium) reveals lessons learned in STARTER. 

How did you get into the STARTER program?
STARTER was found by his teammate Ilja, in September he came to me and asked if I wanted to participate with him.
What were the biggest lessons and surprises during the STARTER program?
The biggest lesson for me was definitely how to talk to investors, and I was surprised how freely and calmly most investors talk, they are “completely ordinary people” at the end of the day.
What influenced you and the further development of the idea the most?
I was most influenced by the whole mindset of the entrepreneur, and I think that the development of the idea was most influenced by the number of different opinions. Some suggested redesigning the whole idea, some completely agreed with our current idea, some suggested redesigning or rethinking some things – but thanks to these different opinions, we were able to put together the best option. I definitely had a useful experience. I now have more courage to talk to mentors and investors, for example. I feel more confident and my knowledge is many times greater thanks to the STARTER program.
What are the future plans with your idea?
The further plan is to make the TööPesa platform fully ready and implement the idea. In our words, the idea was very simple – to make the first platform where it is easy to find a job as a minor.  TööPesa is currently a student company, but we plan to switch to a private limited company.