4 STARTER teams in Ajujaht

4 STARTER teams are competing in Ajujaht top30! Congratulations to  A Story, Akvalabs, CommuniCare ja Recovery Companion and fingers crossed!  

 A Story is an application designed to teach 5-9 year-olds to tell stories through an animated series of images. The application is also useful for teaching children with special needs. 

CommuniCare is a social network created through interpersonal relationships and technology. The company aims to encourage older people to interact with the outside world and make their last years of life worthwhile.

Recovery Companion is a platform that connects users according to diagnosis, treatment, and interests, creating meaningful one-on-one contact. The platform has a chatbot that complements the user’s profile and suggests new contacts according to changes in diagnosis or treatment. RC is an easy-to-use, targeted, ad-free environment where users can feel safe and focus on what matters.

Akvalabs farms are suitable for growing most cultural and cosmetic plants throuhgout the year. The harvest is cleaner than many organic products, as no fertilizers or plant protection products can be used that would damage fish health. In a closed system, plants use 90% less water and grow up to 4x faster than normal. Currently, the emphasis is on aquaponics, but Akvalabs systems can also be used hydroponically – to fertilize plants in aqueous solution. It would be suitable for areas with large deserts. Urban farms can also be built, and production can be brought closer to the consumer.


Information and photo: http://www.ajujaht.ee/en/season-2019-2020/top-30/