Alumnis reveal the best things in STARTER

WHAT will I get and learn in STARTER – that is a common question. We asked the same question from alumnis. Here are the answers. Check for yourself!

What were your expectations to the STARTER program?
Knowledge about entrepreneurship/business/startups 33%
Idea development 21%
New experiences 17%
Start a business 10%
Find contacts 9%
No expectations 7%

What do you think was the most useful experience in STARTER?
Start Up Speed Dating Night 27%
Pitching 24%
Feedback 17%
Idea development 9%
Contacts 9%
Marketing 9%
Experts 9%
Teamwork 7%

Overall, do you feel like your entrepreneurial competences improved
during STARTER? If yes, which competences?
Value-creating thinking and finding solutions 26%
Self-management 24%
Implementing business ideas 20%
Solving social solutions 13%
Teamwork 6%
Leadership 6%
Public speaking 3%
Creativity 3%
Networking 3%

We asked, what was the greatest thing in STARTER. Here are some examples. For information, mentor feedback carousel was in Tartu and SSDN in Tallinn programme.

  • The whole programme was an emotional rollercoaster
  • I always looked forward to the next workshop because they were exciting and engaging.
  • The speed-dating night was extremely useful. A best of preview of what happens in all situations.
  • Speed dating night is a very insightful and exiting event and a chance to make connections
  • SPEED DATING when talking to experts I learned more about my own idea and received critics.
  • Mentor-feedback carousel. Hear a lot of different opinions and suggestions to come back down to earth and into the real world.
  • Mentor feedback carusel was so beneficial, as we got either negative or positive feedback from mentors.
  • Meeting people who are already involded into business and getting to know their real experience.
  • Mentors’ dating night. Awesome!
  • All of the lectures were very useful. How to sell a product. How to pitch a product. Team organisation.
  • Team developing and brainstormings, these brought now thoughts and ideas.
  • Pitching-pitching-pitching
  • I had an amazing opportunity to attend sTARTup Lab s STARTER. I missed only 1 workshop and I regret that.
  • Networking / startup dating 
  • The practical workshops and evaluations.
  • Meeting with potential investors and getting hands on input for our business.
  • Food was great and and girls nice 

Alumnis are spoken!  

Interested? Next change to join STARTER will be soon in  February!