Kaleidoskoop finals in sTARTUp Day

8th of December, AHHAA Centre in Tartu, 2600 visitors and 62 teams piching their ideas in different stages. That was huge challenge and experience for Kaleidoskoop finalists, who spoke on UT IdeaLab pitching stage.

Kaleidoskoop winner was Decomer Technology, who received tickets to the European Innovation Academy in Portugal as an award. Decomer Technology develops bioprotein-based bioplastics, which they currently use for packaging honey. Bioplastic dissolves in hot tea water and is not harmful to health, therefore it is an eco-friendly and convenient alternative to sugar. Team Espuro also got to STARTER final. 

The University of Tartu prize went to the team Edible, who go to Oulu Polar Bear Pitching, where they have to pitch in an ice hole. Edible is a student company that produces edible and biodegradable eating utensils. Tartu City Government’s monetary prize was granted to the team Seniorship, who plans to offer traineeship and retraining opportunities for the elderly.


Here: More info and photos by Andres Tennus