Johanna-Liis: If I have an idea in future, now I know steps to go on

Johanna-Liis Leier from STARTERhaapsalu team KottPott shares the best experiences rom STARTER program. 

KottPott offered unique planting pots handcrafted from geotextiles for people who value plant welfare, cozy atmosphere and sustainable design. Team mebbers were Maarja Jalasto, Anna Zavolner, Johanna-Liis Leier and Eliis Elmik. 

What new did you learn from Starter?

Mainly I learned the strategy what comes along with Startup. Haven’t had any experience like that before.


The best practice, emotion, situation you got from the program?

I think for me it was, how to present my product and trying to sell the idea. But the best emotion I got, when we got feedback from Sturtup Speed Dating Night. Mentors who heard about our idea they were interested and started thinking about that and had pretty much positive feelings to that.


What do you think, where and when in your life you will need experiences and knowledge you got from Starter?

I think this experience will help me in the future when I might have some good idea and want put it into life. So now I know the steps to go on. 


What was the biggest success for yourselves?

We got into the finals. It gave us more confident to come up with idea. We actually didn’t believe that we might end up into the final but hoped so. Because there were many good ideas from the others.


Have you had entrepreneurship lessons in school before University?

I have had slightly but not like that. Some of us more and some less. 


What will you do next with your idea?

I’m not sure if I do work with it on. But I still believe in it and I believe it will be important to replace plastic pots.