Ibrahim from NanoWind: We have been using the skills and experience from Starter for months already

We interviewed Ibrahim from STARTERtallinn spring 2021 grand prix team Nanowind and asked his best practices in STARTERtallinn. 

Nanowind fabricates nano-coating materials (liquid form) which can be sprayed on different surfaces, and reducing toxic gasses in indoor and outdoor air by using their photocatalytic function.

What new did you learn from STARTERE?
Honestly, we did not have any experience in starting a business so, we would say that almost everything that we learned until now from StarterTallinn Program.

The best practice, emotion, the situation you got from the program?
During the StarterTallinn, we attended the Startup Speed Dating Night event, which made matchmaking with imaginary investors (some specialists from business life). We had a chance to do several pitch practices and expand our network during the event, exciting for us.      

What do you think, where and when in your life you will need experiences and knowledge you got from program?
We are a part of a startup team now. We have been using the skills and experience that I obtained from Starter for months already. 

What was the biggest success for yourselves?
We have been selected for Cleantech Forest Beamline Beta accelerator and finished the program as Team Nanowind. And of course, winning the Grand Prix of StarterTallinn Spring 2021 made us very happy too! 😊

Have you had entrepreneurship lessons in school before University?
Ibrahim and Aydin have not got any lectures based on entrepreneurship, but Erkin has joined entrepreneurship classes in high school.

What will you do next with your idea?
We firstly would like to scale it up for mass production and to improve our marketing strategy.


Team Nanowind: Ibrahim Dundar, Erkin Sahin, Aydin Zengin.