6 reasons from STARTER alumni why to join STARTER program

I am Kristian (left on the photo), a 2nd year student at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tartu. I went through the STARTER program in the autumn semester of 2020 and I share my experiences with you. I have selected 6 main reasons why I think this is one of the best courses for an entrepreneurial young person to take part. Enjoy!

  • Find innovative solutions to various problems

The STARTER program offered me a unique opportunity to present my idea to a large crowd and start implementing it. Unfortunately, like many, I had no idea myself, but I found an insanely fierce team with whom we started hitting.

  • Meet fierce people

One of the most valuable experiences during the STARTER program was meeting different people. I became more familiar with my classmates as well as with students from other fields. I also frantically appreciated the different trainers, who were very friendly and inspiring.

  • Find a team to conquer the world with

A good team is the key to success! My idea didn’t conquer the world, but I still had a good time with my team developing my idea in workshops. I gained a very valuable experience that definitely developed my teamwork skills.

  • Get valuable experiences for life

You can take much more out of the workshops than just to develop your idea. The most useful thing for me was pitching workshop, which developed my speaking skills and self-confidence. The marketing workshop was also very useful, where I gained a lot of new knowledge.

  • Court inspiring mentors

Mentors are those people who can give you instructions on how to turn your idea into reality. The meetings with the mentors were very inspiring to me personally, we received valuable contacts with the team and instructions on how to further develop our idea.

  • Grow your business into an idea!

The most acute part of the STARTER program is what I unfortunately missed. This is also an opportunity to realize your idea. Unfortunately, his team did not get that far, but several companies have been born during the program, which still operate today. My advice to you: “Take this great opportunity and take the first step to making your idea a reality!”


See the schedule of opening events in Tallinn, Tartu, Kohtla-Järve and Haapsalu and register for the STARTER program here!

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