Inspiration prize winner Safe Wear came to the idea throught running

There were two Inspiration Prize winners at STARTERtallinn Autumn 2022 Demo Day.  Ome of them was given to team SafeWear: members are sisters Brit Maria Villand (TalTech) and Helena Villand (Tallinn 21. School).

SafeWear develops a jewelry line to help women be safe in public thanks to -the secret sauce- a hidden location tracking device that notifies the police or emergency contacts for you if in danger.

We asked a few questions from SafeWear.

 Where did the idea come from? Why did you participate in the STARTER program?

The idea came from the fact that Helena was being chased by a car while going for an evening run. There was a desire for a safety device that would always be available in case of emergency, but at the same time not conspicuous. As a result of a long search, we found that such a product does not exist on the European market. The idea was born shortly before STARTER, but had not yet developed far. We found an ad of STARTERtallinn and it seemed like a good springboard for developing an idea.

What did you learn in the program? Do you recommend the STARTER program and why? What is the plan for the future?

The program provided a great foundation to implement the idea and also prepared us for the unexpected. We heard interesting lectures from marketing to finance. We recommend everyone who has drive, passion and creativity to participate in the STARTER program. Even if there is no team or a solid idea, it is possible to find a great team by participating and together reaching an idea to develop further.

The STARTER program was a good stepping stone and we continue to vigorously develop our idea. A meeting with a potential investor is already on the calendar.

Congratulations, team SafeWear!