Monkey in your head? STARTERtallinn programme goes on and on

Our work, life and studying is more virtual that it has ever been. Unbelievable that it is even possible, but it is.
STARTERtallinn workshops will also be virtual – short versions will be recorded and links to watch and learn will be sent to teams registered in the program. Additionally reading lists and materials for studying will be given. Mentoring sessions will also be virtual or postponed. 

During this unusual and challenging time the communication and cooperation between teams and their supervisors is even more important than it used to be. Of course, one can search google for interesting materials how to develop the idea but it is always useful to have someone to guide you through.

So, how to survive at home office?

If it seems that today (and this week and this month) is really good time for postponing everything, then you must know – that kind of thoughts are put into your head by a little monkey. Don’t let that kind of monkey to get into your head ;). Learn more in video (and also look how to give good speech):



Photo: STARTER virtual workshop