Good pitching skill helps in every field of life

Imagine that you meet a really important investor in elevator of skyscraper and you have only 2 minutes for introducing yourself and your idea. That 2 minutes can be almost the most important minutes in your career. And you can screw everything up because you can’t spell a word.

For that reason, STRATER programme invited Gleb Maltsev – the founder of Stoneful communications agency, co-founder of Fundwise and award-winning pitching trainer  to help STARTER teams to train pitching.

Gleb shared some practical tips and tricks on pitching. Here are some of them!

  • Start and finish your pitch telling your name and the name of your business or project. Say it out clearly and slowly. As the good pitch tells a story, the beginning and the ending of the pitch should be connected.
  • Add an emotional value to your story – so that it will touch people who hear it.
  • Do not just learn your pitch by heart  – it is important to stay yourself and hold a conversation with your audience. Show that you’re really into your idea and ready for a long-.term commitment!
  • Say clearly what you need: what kind of help, the size of funding ect.
  • Know who your audience is and what touches them – design your pitch according to that.
  • Take time for preparation – event the simplest presentation needs at least 40 hours preparation time!

Gleb explained that when it comes to pitching, the most common mistake is staying too superficial and self-centered, also the fear of being vulnerable. A good pitcher should step ahead of personal ambitions and make clear that he is really willing to do something significant. He also shared some tips and tricks on how to find potential partners. The first and the easiest is remembering each other’s names and stories – that kind of care leaves a good impression both on personal and professional level!

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