STARTERcreative winner is FabWire

The spring semester of STARTERcreative offered a lot of interesting pitches (20 teams) on the demo day that took place at SEB Innovation Centre on the 11th of May. 

The first price (100EUR and tickets to Latitude 59) was given to the team FabWire, that developes wires with fabric. The same team was also awarded by Prototron, Brainhunt and Creative Estonia. It was a great pleasure also to credit music industry.


The second place price (500EUR and tickets to Latitude 59) went to the team Baltic Cruise Concert. But that was not it. Fundwise complimented the team with launching free campaign in their crowd funding platform.


And the third place price –  Latitude 59 tickets – was handed out to team RentWise who are creating a platform for renting out Your property for longer period.

There were a lot of special prices. The special price owner StudioCloud presented a concept of designers subrental studios. The Creative Incubator welcomed the team to participate 3 month long incubation program. A free incubation pass from the Digix Creative Incubation was handed out to the team Pleyfessor and Re-Energizers won 500 euro for building up their web page from Veebimajutus.

Many thanks to our partners who made this big award ceremony possible and also we would like to thank our inspiration speakers Sille Pihlak and the winner of last STARTERcreative program Karola Koopuu from company Karu Kaader (Karu Kaader was finalist of STARTER autumn semester).


More photos here 

STARTERcreative is part of Edu ja Tegu STARTER program and is funded by European Social Fund and the Ministry of Education and Science.


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