3rd Loomehäkk: virtual flowers, rent out clothes and 2 sleepless night

STARTER program 3rd semester opening sounds had been heard in 3 universities!

First STARTER kick-off event, STARTERcreative hackathon Loomehäkk (Creative Hack)  in Tallinn University connected  entertainment and digital innovation and brought together creative masterminds, programmers, marketers and designers. In 48 hours the participants created new products and services focused on the field of entertainment with help and support from mentors.   2 sleepless nights ended for 90 people with 16 projects and prices for the best ideas.
The winner team Thank You  developed mobile app that allows the audience to send instant gratitude personally to every person involved in the performance they just saw. Want more info – visit www.thankyouapp.eu
Second place  – team Wear My Closet, who built a platform for people who want to rent out their clothes.
Third place – team Fashlab built a service which helps fashion industry  quickly develop idea to product.
Tallinn Music Week special prize – team KIFT, who created webpage for event promotion and evaluation.
Estonian Art Academy special prize – team Wear My Closet.
EU Interreg CrossMotion prize 10 000 euros – team Hoopy, who created mobile solution for setting limits for childrens mobile usage. (And parents would give special price  to this team also :))

STARTERCreative is part of STARTER program. STARTER is financed by European Union European Social Fund.

What happens in Loomehäkk, stays in Loomehäkk? Well,  abolutely no… Want to see what happened in Loomehäkk from 27th to 29th of January? Watch the video and pictures here: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3

Loomehäkk vol3