3 reasons why every startup need a mentor

Expand your network

Your mentor, as an outsider, has access to a whole new network of individuals you may not know. You can glean from their wisdom as well as your mentor’s. Networking with new people boosts your opportunities exponentially. As the saying goes, “It’s all about who you know.”

Personal growth

One of the most important parts of mentoring is reflecting! Your mentor will get to know you and be able to provide you with vital feedback. This will not just increase your confidence, but will lead to personal growth – which will inevitably lead to an improved performance in your future roles

Honest and realistic perspectives

It takes a lot of time, money, effort and commitment for something that has a high rate of failure. Mentorship can be of great value in ensuring your vision and actions are realistic and responsible. For instance, when your startup is not ready for the next step, your idea is not developed well enough, your solution does not really solve any real problem or the product-market fit does not line up properly. The mentor will be the first to tell you that you are not ready yet and should address these issues.

Each semester UT sTARTUp Lab is organising mentoring event for STARTERtartu programme teams. Read more about the 2020 Autumn mentoring event and meet this semester’s teams and mentors.

Foto: 2019 Autumn Mentor Feedback Carousel