TOP10 finalist at Ajujaht team CommuniCare: take part of STARTER to turn ideas into reality!

Best STARTER team 2019 and TOP10 finalist at Ajujaht team CommuniCare tells us: 

How STARTER changed our lives?
✅The program helped us grow into a strong team and find a valuable network.

✅We learned from several workshops that our initial idea focused on solving too many problems. With the knowledge gained from the workshops, we better understood the main problem and relevant solutions. And thanks to that now our idea now solves an important problem and is easy to understand.

✅STARTER programme helped us to realize how to succeed as a startup.

✅At the Mentor Feedback Carousell workshop, we could talk to more than 10 mentors who selected as to Ajujaht TOP100. Now we are at TOP10. This has given us tremendous motivation and confidence to keep working with the idea. Both programs have opened many necessary doors for us.

➡️Join STARTERtartu Spring Kick-off event Idea Hackathon on 27th of February at the University of Tartu Delta Centre!

➡️ Join STARTERtallinn Spring Launch Event on 26th of February at TalTech Mektory

Photo by Ajujaht, JP Hion