The new STARTER season has started at the UT sTARTUp Lab!

On February 18, the first online Idea Hackathon took place at UT sTARTUp Lab. The 5 hour Hackathon was on Zoom and participants could listen to an interesting seminar, present their ideas, and find teammates.


In the beginning STARTERtartu alumni Roland Liinar, Merili Pärn, and Norman Vester shared their experiences and made also recommendations to new participants.


The event was led by Harald Lepisk, a researcher and trainer on creative self-realization. He taught the participants how to validate and pitch their ideas. The Hackathon was attended by almost 60 people and 17 interesting and unique ideas from different fields of life were presented, for example, healthcare, environment, and circular economy.


The participants found this kind of event very exciting and look forward to future STARTERtartu workshops. More information about the workshops and webinars can be found on the sTARTUp Lab website.

The event was funded by the European Social Fund.

Additional information: Martti Saarme, Marketing and Communication Specialist, sTARTUp Lab, University of Tartu, 5909 4726,