STARTERtallinn launch event

On February 15 we had a very interesting and inspirational Launch Event to the business idea development program STARTERtallinn Spring 2019.
Big thanks to the moderator Harri Tallinn and idea generator Juko-Mart Kõlar. We also thank very much our awesome inspirational speakers: Kristo Vaher, Marge Maidla, Ragmar Saksing, Ragnar Toomla, Märt Aro, Kertu Kriisk.
Now we are so much smarter in the fields of how to hack education, how to brign about social change, how to make the world a greener place, how to make use of digital tools and data and what to expect from future financial services.

Join STARTER program! Registration date: STARTERtallinn 1.03.2019. More information here

More photos here