STARTERtallinn best teams selected

WINNERS selected!!! 
The winner of the Grand Prix of STARTERtallinn Autumn 2021 is team hARbour AR!
This new technology startup is dedicated to revolutionizing maritime safety in coastal waters. They use precise laser projection units, which are installed onto existing harbour or coastal superstructures and stationary maritime navigation signs like lighthouses
🥈 Two inspirational prizes were given to team Iffent and team TööPesa!
🥈 Iffent – a platform that helps building design companies automatically assemble a project team of well-matched specialists;
🥈 Tööpesa – job listings platform targeted for school-aged work enthusiasts.
Additionally, a long list of special prizes was given out by STARTERtallinn supporters and cooperation partners.
 CONGRATULATIONS to all WINNERS and BIG THANKS to our supporters/cooperation partners!!! 
STARTERtallinn Spring 2022 starts in February 2022.
Photos: Indrek Gutmann