STARTERtallinn autumn 2022 winner is team DoBu

 STARTERtallinn Autumn 2022 winner of the Grand Prix is team DoBu.
 Team DoBu is developing web-based software that let you forget your old-fashioned paper-based technical pass of home by giving you a digital alternative. DoBu’s digital platform sends reminders to the homeowner about home maintenance and warranties.
 STARTER asked a few questions from the team and here are the answers that Siim Viilukas has put together with his team-mates:
 Where did the idea come from?
The idea of DoBu “digital home technical passport” was born when our friends bought an apartment and had a problem understanding what devices are used at home. The real estate developer had given them information about it in a thick paper folder, but it had already disappeared by the time the problem occurred. We thought that, in fact, all this same information could be stored in the cloud, so that it could not be lost, and also be conveniently available to homeowners in digital form. The idea seemed to have a lot of colors and so we started to validate it by interviewing the homeowners. We want to move forward with the development of the prototype, and for this we are currently looking for an opportunity to conduct a pilot project. After that, we hope to see DoBu already at the disposal of the first homeowners.
Why did you participate in the STARTER program? How did you get together as a team?
We decided to participate in the STARTER program so that our idea could become a real company, for which we gained a lot of knowledge from mentors and workshops in various fields during the STARTER. The DoBu team is a group of acquaintances who first met while participating in various startup programs or networking events.
 What did you learn in the program? Do you recommend the STARTER program and why? What is the plan for the future?
From STARTER, we learned several critical skills for a startup. For example, how to use “vesting” and options, analyze cash flows and do team building. In order to get the most out of STARTER, we recommend that you come up with an awesome idea before the program, which would also be realistic in order to actually implement it. Thanks to STARTER’s awesome and expert mentors, this idea becomes a startup in a very short time.
The DoBu team consists of students from several schools: Siim Viilukas, Rasmus Merirand and Marten Mehide from Gustav Adolf Gymnasium, Villem Madisson from TalTech and Fred Kuiv from Rocca Al Mare School.
Congratulations again, team DoBU!