STARTERtallinn autumn 2020 best teams

STARTERtallinn spring 2020 winnerWe are honoured to introduce – winner of the STARTERtallinn Autumn 2020 is team PAPER REBORN!
This team is planning to produce waterproof paper modular walls from paper-waste.
Members of the team are Joanna Lättemägi and Tyana Verstraete, both from Estonian Academy of Arts.

One of the two Inspirational Prizes at the STARTERtallinn Autumn 2020 was won by team UnKnot (in main photo). UnKnot is an agency that helps factories to reinvent themselves by using their waste for new product lines.
Team members are: Kaisa Krusenberg (from Estonian Academy of Arts), Martin Tammiste, Ntoh Bate Bisong Betty (both from Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS)), Rosemary Pree and Tarmo Tambur (both from TalTech).

Ökomotion TeamSecond Inspirational Prize at the STATERtallinn Autumn 2020 was won by team ÖkoMotion!
ÖkoMotion is a technical company that builds, rents and sells cost-effective, safe and fast electric bikes and e-scooters.
Members of the team are: Jelizaveta Bogatsenkova (from Estonian Academy of Arts), Artur Mihhailov (Tallinn Polytechnic School), Abdalla Mahdy, Andrii Boryshevych and Danil Garmatyuk (all from TalTech). Wonderful to see how people from different schools find each other and make a wonderful team!


Interesting fact: All three best teams were supervised by the same person – Sven Idarand from Estonian Academy of Arts. Wow!