STARTERcreative & Haapsalu spring patch winner Soundnest provides services for pregnant woman and their partners

This STARTERcreative & STARTERhaapsalu demo day took place at SEB Innovation Centre in 10.05 where 22 teams presented their results of business idea development journey. The jury members: Eva Leemet, Jana Pavlekova, Mari-Ann Meigo Fonesca, Tõnis Bramanis, Martin Adamsoo, Marko Müürisepp, Harri Tallinn, Andrey Lisitsyn and Anni Konsap, struggled to pick out the best ideas. Most of them had to give out the amazing prizes. But before the pitching started we listened to the stories of inspiration speakers.

Last time in STARTERcreative we had a team Modash whose mission was to interact products and services with social media influencers. The idea owner and CEO Avery said to students that a lot of negativity is gonna come in your way. Modash basically has not won a single contest, but they have a team who hates to lose. Despite of not being the best in startup competitions they have customers in 7 countries and actually are making money. 

The CEO of Fanvestory Birgit Karus also has not been in the winner teams. She attends to be the second best of everything. She said: “ Do not worry, if You do not win. The thing is, You will meet a lot of useful and inspiring people, and You will be rewarded in another way."


And now the prizes and the winners:

The first prize went to SOUNDNEST who provides service for pregnant woman and their partners to support the preparation for birth process through individual doula-sessions with the clients and also vocal courses in groups (also online courses) lead by musician: singer&improvizer and a doula: family-and birth supporter.

The prizes were: 1000 EUR cash by Tallinn Enterprise Board, 3 years of free services (e-mail, website hosting, website building tools) by Veebimajutus, tickets to Latitude 59 conference by Latitude 59, 3 month of SpringHub membership by SpringHub.

The second prize went to Aug-Tex. Their idea was to augment synthetic fabric with printed-on solar ink that has the ability to generate energy out of sunlight and charge battaries of different technology.

The prizes were: 500 EUR cash by Tallinn Enterprise Board, 1 years of free services (e-mail, website hosting, website building tools) by Veebimajutus, tickets to Latitude 59 conference by Latitude 59.


Special prizes and winners:

STARTERhaapsalu secret prize 500 EUR – KYYP

Business coaching workshop  and office tour by Sportradar – TeamCatchers

Fundwise campaign setup including expert consulting – Soundnest

Business consulting by Ajujaht  –  pet&cage

Free incubation service by Digix – Elevant

1 years of free services (e-mail, website hosting, website building tools) by Veebimajutus – Kivi

Creative Business Cup TOP10 shortlist by Loov Eesti – Aug-Tex

Free incubation program (6 month) + consulting by Tallinn Business Incubators – Soundnest

TOP40 Prototron shortlist and business consulting by Prototron – Aug-Tex


Thank You all the hard workers. Listed below in pitching order. 

First session:


2. VideoCV

3. Yes To Lingua

4. FinicoRe



7. CLbrate

8. Fupaply

9. pet@cage

10. Kivi


Second session:

1. Poor Artist Archetype

2. Aug-Tex

3. Mixnatid

4. ActEco

5. Caretta-Caretta

6. Museum of Fake Art

7. Soundnest

8. Elevant

9. Young Artists of the Baltics

10. ScooterAsia

11. TeamCatchers


STARTER is a part of entrepreneurship program “Edu ja Tegu” and funded by European Social Development Fund.

Many thanks to our sponsors and partners.

Fotod: Harri Tiits.

See You in autumn.