Spring semester begins with hackathons

Business idea development program STARTER starts again in Tallinn, Tartu and Haapsalu! 

STARTERtallinn Spring 2020 Launch Event –  on Wednesday the 26th of February at 14.00-18:00 @TalTech MEKTORY.

STARTERtartu Spring 2020 Idea Hackathon – on Thursday the 27th of February at 15.00-18.30 @UT Delta Centre. 

STARTERhaapsalu Spring 2020 Launc Event – on Thursday the 27th of February at 17.00-19.30  @University of Tallinn Haapsalu College 

The aim of these events is to give participants inspiration and information on different business areas so that they will be able to form teams and generate ideas they can develop over the following 3 months.

Events are open to all student (university, vocational and high schools) teams as well as people who’d like to join a team! Should you have your own idea and team or you a looking for team members, come and introduce your idea to others. If you do not have the idea or team yet, come and see, if you can join some!


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