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STARTER pre-incubation programme is on the half way to the end and the teams had an opportunity to get valuable feedback and tips from mentors, who work as experts or entrepreneurs in everyday life.

On 6th of April at Erinevate Tubade Klubi in Tallinn STARTERcreative and TTÜ Mektory STARTERtech pre-incubation program held the third biggest mentoring event in Estonia called Start-up Speed Dating Night. Over 50 mentors from various fields of expertise and over 100 fresh start-up team members had a date.

As always at Startup Speed Dating Night there were three superb keynote speakers. First of all Pirko Konsa CEO of Health Circle talking about why start-ups are important for the Economy. Secondly we heard Annika Ljaš from Planet OS. And last but not least Kristel Kruustük from Testlio shared her ideas.

The teams had a change to get great feedback and suggestions from mentors – they had to meet with at least three mentors during the event.

Happy to share the memories from Startup Speed Dating Night Spring 2017 at Erinevate Tubade Klubi!

Video here

Photos here


Mentors feedback session in University of Tartu, Ideelabor took place on 30th of March.

15 teams pitched their ideas and got lots of feedback and tips from mentors.

Markus, on of the team members  said, that pitching the idea in front of the mentors was out of his comfort zone, bus mentors feedback gave him inspiration and courage to contact the people necessary for realising the idea.

Watch photos here


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