Loomehäkk vol 5 – 3 days and night hacking

3 days and nights of hacking and idea development with mentor support is over. Is took place in University of Tallinn, BMF – Baltic Film, Media and Communication School.  Ten teams were supported by many mentors and nobody could not miss morning exercises.  Best teams went home with prizes. 

The teams of this year's Creative Hack: who they are and what they are doing.

Team TripHack
TripHack is working on creating a social network where people can document their travels and share them with their personal networks, which in turn helps other people plan their trips according to the detailed data they receive from the platform.

Team Sleeping with Matt
Sleeping with Matt is working on smart sleepwear and an accompanying app, which will help users track data and get feedback about their sleeping habits, sleep quality etc. 

Team Viiekas
Viiekas aims to create a web app which will bring together product and services providers with language editors who will help to better define the client's message for clarity and ensure that it is grammatically correct.

Team Singing Mural
Singing Mural's goal is to bring to life a mural created with a spray printer. The mural can then be brought to life with Kinect technology that will make the mural sing. This project is a collaboration with Estonian musician NOËP.

Team X
Team X is hard at work with bringing a brand-new player to the real estate market: a fully automated real estate pricing system.

Team TatsuYuki
Team TatsuYuki wishes to ensure that people are informed of product availability when they go shopping. Their map-based product search engine will give users data about any products they may wish to purchase: availability (is it in stock?), distance (what's the closest place I can get it?) etc.

Team Kivi
Kivi is bringing Estonian culture to a new level. With their web-based platform of book trailers (video trailers for books), they aim to make Estonian literature more attractive and interesting for the wider audience.

Team AR
Team AR is intrigued by language learning and practical translation. Their augmented reality app for smartphones will give visual translations of foreign words to the users.

Team Makery
Makery is developing a data driven influencer marketing platform, which helps organizations save time and money when they are looking to collaborate with influencers.

MOED is trying to simplify and digitalize the current physical education evaluation format in Estonian general education schools. Their platform will bring together teachers, students and parents and will help teachers keep track of how their students' progress.

Here are the winners:
Tallinn Music Week special prize: Singing Mural
DIGIX special prize: Kivi
Prototron special prize: MOED
Ajujaht special prize: MATI sleeping app
MEDIT – TLU Center of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture and Tallinna Ülikool special prize: Kivi
Robotex special prize: Objectify
Estonian Business Angels Network Estban special prize: TripHack
III place: Pruuf
II place: Est18
I place: MOED
Audience favourite: MOED
Congrats everyone!



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Photos by Külliki Tafel-Viia

Loomehäkk is part of the entrepreneurial development programme Edu & Tegu STARTERcreative and is co-funded by the European Social Fund.