Loomehäkk vol 5 comes again

Estonia's 100th birthday is right around the corner. Have you thought about what’s going to happen in another 100 years? What will the world be like? Let’s give Estonia a present by coming up with ideas about how to make the future better for all of us!

The idea can be small or it can be big, as long as it’s yours. Come alone or bring friends with you and spend 48 hours in a truly creative environment!


Creative Hack/Loomehäkk is the biggest creative industry hackathon in the Baltic Sea Region. Join us on the 26-28th of January at the TLÜ Nova building (Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School)- Jan 26 at 4 PM to Jan 28 at 6 PM.


Set up your own team of creatives, code writers, designers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to bring your idea to life. Come and seek missing talents for your team. Join other hacking crews with soaring ideas. You will have the entire Baltic Film and Media School building, mentors (Jobbatical, Robotex, Karma.vc, Maru VR, Protex, ESTBAN), equipment, practitioners, free meals, unshakeable WiFi and 48 hours at your disposal to build a unique solution and present it to the jury to compete for prizes.


The central theme for the 5th Creative Hack/Loomehäkk is „EV 200“ – Estonian Republic 200. We will glance to the future by coming up with ideas that will make our lives better.


There will be three subtopics:


• ART IS EVERYWHERE (3D printing, creative society, something crazy, city architecture, all innovative solutions and services with an art component)
• PERSONALIZED EVERYTHING (location based solutions, sharing economy solutions, e-governance solutions, VR and AR solutions, open data solutions, all personalized services)
• MACHINES FOR EVERYONE (robots, bots, automation, helping people in the cities and at the countryside).


You can join the event:


• with your team and/or idea
• by joining someone else’s team and/or idea


Food, sleeping arrangements, prizes: during the hackathon, teams will be provided with meals, snacks and drinks – so they could focus on the task at hand. If you’re out of town or just plain adventurous, you can sleep at the Baltic Film and Media School during the hackathon. And yes, there will be prizes, provided by our prestigious partners (check the list below) to reward the best teams for their valiant effort.


Event partners include: EV100, Digix, Edu & Tegu STARTER, Tallinn Business Incubators, Estonian Digital Centre, Microsoft, Tere AS, Robotex, Tallink, Latitude59, Prototron, Ajujaht, Veebimajutus, Protex, Estonian Film Institute, Music Estonia, Jobbatical , Tallinn Music Week, Estonian National Broadcasting, ESTBAN, Vaba Lava, Tallinn University Open Academy, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Estonian Business School, Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, European Social Fund.


Participation on the event is free of charge for students. Free participation is ensured by registering with the code LHtudeng at https://fienta.com/loomehakk-vol-5-ev200


Please bring you student ID to the event to verify your student status. For all others, early bird registration 15 euros until January 15, thereafter 25 euros.


Additional information: Marek Mühlberg, marekm@tlu.ee, +372 5510204


Join Facebook event for more information here 

Watch video of Loomehäkk vol 3 here