How to find an awesome Business Idea and shoot it?

Now don’t get me wrong. This post is not really about tips and techniques on how to find an idea. It’s more about preparing yourself for victory

It’s about overcoming the fears you might have.

I’ve been running a program like Starter in Pärnu since 2011. The name of the baby has changed many times but the content and goal of it has always been the same – guiding the future entrepreneurs through their very first steps in business. It’s like testing the “business stuff” in a rather safe environment so you could decide whether it’s your thing or not.

Through the years I’ve met many amazing teams and even more amazing people. They all had big dreams yet only some of them have taken actual steps towards their dreams. Some of them didn’t even join the program ‘cause they were scared. Of what?

Here are some fears that have been holding them back. If any of these sounds familiar to you please join our kick-off event in any town and you’ll see that there’s nothing to worry about.

1) I know nothing about entrepreneurship or start-ups. Well…that makes you a perfect participant. Starter is exactly for those who want to make their first (or second) steps as an entrepreneur.

2) I’d love to do something but have no ideas! Don’t worry! Join the kick-off event. We have “Idea Generation” workshops for you and if you still don’t come up with anything you can simply join any other team you like.

3) My idea is stupid! It’s not original! You shouldn’t give up only because someone else is already doing something similar. 100% original idea is not the only thing that we are looking for. We’ll help you to find a better way for doing the same stuff. You only have to be better than your best competitor.

4) I do have a great idea but I’ve got no team. Awesome! Come and share your idea with us and find new team-mates. There are plenty of guys at the kick-off event who can’t wait to get their hands dirty but have no Ideas. Invite them to join your team.

5) I can’t do that! My idea is too good. What if it gets stolen? Trust me. No-one cares about your idea as much as you do. If anyone is interested in your idea they will simply join your team. Besides, once you start sharing what your’e passionate about you’ll find that there are more people willing to help you than the ones trying to steal your idea. And even if someone does…just read nr 3 again.

If there is anything else holding you back, something I didn’t touch here, just show up at one of our kick-off events and you’ll see that there was nothing to worry about. Turning every single participant into an entrepreneur within 3 months is not what Starter is aiming for. The program gives you the taste of launching your own business and equips you with the tools that are useful in your personal and professional life whether you choose to become an entrepreneur or not. You will grow no matter what. It’s just an awesome experience you won’t get anywhere else.


See you in Starter! 

Taavi Tamm, mentor and organizer of STARTERpärnu