STARTERtallinn best teams selected

WINNERS selected!!!  The winner of the Grand Prix of STARTERtallinn Autumn 2021 is team hARbour AR! This new technology startup is dedicated to revolutionizing maritime safety in coastal waters. They use precise laser projection units, which are installed onto existing harbour or coastal superstructures and stationary maritime navigation signs like lighthouses Two inspirational prizes were 

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Ibrahim from NanoWind: We have been using the skills and experience from Starter for months already

We interviewed Ibrahim from STARTERtallinn spring 2021 grand prix team Nanowind and asked his best practices in STARTERtallinn.  Nanowind fabricates nano-coating materials (liquid form) which can be sprayed on different surfaces, and reducing toxic gasses in indoor and outdoor air by using their photocatalytic function. What new did you learn from STARTERE? Honestly, we did 

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Johanna-Liis: If I have an idea in future, now I know steps to go on

Johanna-Liis Leier from STARTERhaapsalu team KottPott shares the best experiences rom STARTER program.  KottPott offered unique planting pots handcrafted from geotextiles for people who value plant welfare, cozy atmosphere and sustainable design. Team mebbers were Maarja Jalasto, Anna Zavolner, Johanna-Liis Leier and Eliis Elmik.  What new did you learn from Starter? Mainly I learned the 

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Team Blabby – winner on one inspirational prizes in spring 2021

Please meet – the winner of one of the Inspirational Prizes of STARTERtallinn Spring 2021 –  team blabby! Miss Indu Yadav and Mister Ashutosh Mane are both students of Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and in addition to handling blabby matters, they work in Estonian IT companies. blabby is developing a Snapchat for audio 

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Everyone can boost the development of team Silento in campaign

The second Inspirational Prize winner at the STARTERtallinn Spring 2021 was a team Silento from Kohtla-Järve! CONGRATULATIONS!  Silento develops a Diary that memorializes lost loved ones by collecting bright memories and kind words from family, friends and colleagues. Silento has a very active team and last weekend they got together to discuss the present situation 

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STARTER alumnis share experiences

STARTER alumnis are usually proud of their achievements and lessons learned and they kindly share their experiences. Here are some articles in Estonian: Team Pillbox (on the photo) Martti Saarme  Henri (DeepPeat) Artur (Öko Motion)