Another season of STARTERtech has come to an end, winner is Ethico Foods

This season’s winner is Ethico Foods, an enterprise that produces vegan burger patties, mince and sausage products that are high in protein and have the taste and texture of meat. With their products it’s possible to get all the pleasure and nutrition of eating meat without harming animals and the environment. They are also non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free and ‘free-from’ nasty allergens, preservatives and antibiotics.
According to Anu Menon, the founder of Ethico Foods, the best part of being an entrepreneur is having the ability to create your own opportunities and destiny. „Every day is never the same, with lots of excitement, problems to solve and new things to learn,“ said Anu.

STARTERtech is a startup program that provides a safe environment for entrepreneurship enthusiasts to experiment with their ideas, learn from their mistakes and if needed – start all over again. The final, which took place on 25th of May in Kultuurikatel, was the culmination of a four-month-long learning process.

The Grand Prize of the final was the invitation to The University Startup World Cup 2017 in Denmark along with 25 000 euro prize fund. But the main prize wasn’t the only award, there were many special awards from supporters and partners:
• Start-up development award 1000€ – Laps Kooli (ridesharing platform for pupils)
• Law firm Teder special award „Legal counseling“ –Elcons (electronic construction kits for children)
• Head Capital special awards – „Ahead Academy Startup Bootcamp program“ – Elcons (electronic construction kits for children) and FusionPedal (innovative hardware and software for guitar pedals)
• Ajujaht TOP100 special award –Laps Kooli (ridesharing platform for pupils)
• Prototron TOP40 special award – MorphoVR (virtual reality based language learning software)
• Wave Ventures award „Dinner with Finnish venture capital investors“ – MoleQL (application for learning chemistry)
TTÜ Mektory startup program manager, Anu Oks, was proud that there are more and more successful startup teams emerging from Mektory. „Every participant has a strong team, outstanding prototypes and the will to change the world.“

Congratulations to all the participating teams: Elcons, Ethico Foods, FusionPedal, Laps Kooli, Monday, MoleQL, MorphoVR and Phototours.
Next STARTERtech program will start on September 18th 2017 in TTÜ Mektory.
See you there!

Edu ja Tegu STARTER programme is sponsored by European Social Fund and the Ministry of Education and Science.


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