Business idea development program by Tallinn University, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Estonian Business School, Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences.

From idea to business model – a free startup development program containing:

  • Hands on training sessions with experts
  • Key coach and mentors from startups
  • Networking events and a Demo Day
  • Combined competences of Estonian 8 universities
  • Remarkable prizes and awards at the end of the program
  • Further access to accelerators and incubators

If you are interested in getting to know more about developing your wonderful idea on how to make world a better place, forming a team, starting a start-up company,  learning about legal and financial issues, sales and marketing etc, you can very easily participate in the program.

Teams consist of 2-5 students of any educational institution.
Trainings and hands-on workshops usually take place on Mondays at 17.00-19.30 at different educational institutions in Tallinn.
Just sign up (; select SIGN UP and STARTERtallinn) and show up to participate!

“Systematic development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education within all levels of education” program is co-financed by EU Social Fund

STARTERtallinn Autumn 2023




September 14th, 14.00-18.00: STARTERtallinn Autumn 2023 Launch Event

Venue:  TTÜ Tudengimaja/TalTech Student House (address: Ehitajate tee 5, Tallinn)
Host, moderator and assistant to the idea generation is the one and only ⭐ Jüri Muttika

Registration is open at: (select SIGN UP and Tallinn program).


September 18th, 17.00-19.30: Forming teams and generating ideas (Leadership and Team development)
Venue: ScreenX Conference Hall, TalTech Mektory (address: Raja 15, Tallinn)
Workshop by: Juko-Mart Kõlar
What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? How do teams work, what can go wrong and why is leadership necessary? Team building and leadership dynamics. Getting to know other people and their ideas. Creating the teams.

September 24th, 23:59:
Deadline for registration of the team at



September 25th, 17.00-19.30: How to design value proposition and business model?​
Venue: TTÜ Tudengimaja/TalTech Student House (address: Ehitajate tee 5, Tallinn)
Workshop by: Juko-Mart Kõlar
What do you do and for who? How do you do it and why is it better than the things your competitors do? What are business models and why do we need them? What are the business model components and how do they fit together? Learning to put together a value proposition for your product or service. Let’s start building a business model for our ideas. It’s never about dumb luck, it’s about putting together a puzzle. We’ll show you how.


October 02nd, 17.00-19.30: Feedback session 1: finalizing canvas, first meeting with a supervisor, working on oneliner
Venue: room A046, Astra Building, Tallinn University (address: Narva mnt 29, Tallinn)
Time to meet supervisors for the first time and finalize teams.
Showing canvases and compiling oneliner to introduce the idea.
Let’s discuss progress, problems, plans.

October 02nd, 23:59: Deadline for submitting the oneliner of the team at





October 09th, 17.00-19.30: How to use design thinking? (Design thinking and prototyping)
Venue: Saturn Hall, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol (address: Teaduspargi 6/1, Tallinn)
Workshop by: Markko Karu
How to focus on what matters? In building products and services, companies tend to get overwhelmed by the complexity of running a business. They fail to improve critical parts of their service, run out of resources or will be outrun by their competitors.
User-centered development and design thinking are methods to find out what companies should focus on and how to find out what their customers appreciate. In the workshop, we will examine the tools used in the design process and feature prioritization that will help you to focus on delivering value, not just building stuff.




October 16th, 17.00-19.30: The basics of sales and marketing.
Venue: ScreenX Conference Hall, TalTech Mektory (address: Raja 15, Tallinn)
Workshop by: Marelle Ellen
What is marketing and how to be good at it?
At this workshop, you will learn who is your customer, how to reach your customer and how to sell your service & product. During the workshop, we’ll take a look at the vast landscape of paid and free marketing channels that are available for a start-up to scale its business. With limited resources in terms of both budget and people, we’ll try and figure out what marketing strategy fits your product the best and how to focus on getting traction as quickly as possible.
Marketing without a strategy is like a blind dragon – it can breathe fire and cause destruction (usually to your budget) but without purpose.


October 19th, 18.00-21.00: Startup Speed Dating Night
Venue: Lobby, Estonian Academy of Arts (address: Põhja pst 7, Tallinn)
Are you ready for the biggest mentoring event in Estonia? Come and chat with more than 50 local and international experts and ask their feedback. Need feedback about business models? We’ve got you covered. Need advice about product development? We have a mentor for that. Stuck with programming? We have a mentor just for that as well. We’ll pick the mentors based on your ideas and needs. It doesn’t get any better than this.

October 23rd, 17.00-19.30: Feedback session 2: One-pager, getting ready for pitch training
Venue: room A046, Astra Building, Tallinn University (address: Narva mnt 29, Tallinn)
Time to focus on the one-pager and get ready for the pitch training.
Let’s discuss progress, problems, plans with supervisors.

October 29th, 23:59: Deadline for the draft one-pager (preparations for the pitch-training)

October 30th, 17.00-19.30: Perfect Pitching – How to present your idea?

Venue: SEB Innovation Centre (address: Tornimäe 2, Tallinn)
PLEASE ARRIVE BETWEEN 16:30-17:00 as the bank doors will be closed at 17:00
Workshop by: Kadri Tammai
How to present your idea to people who don’t know you? How to win them over and make them allies, clients or investors? Why is communicating your idea important? What are the common pitfalls and how to conquer them?

October 30th, 23:59: Deadline for submitting the one-pager
Time to present your idea to the jury. Prepare your one-pager and upload to the Google folder (instructions directly to participants via e-mail).


November 06th and 07th, 17.00-19.30: Preliminary rounds and Feedback
Venue: room A543, Astra building, Tallinn University (address: Narva mnt 29, Tallinn)
All teams introduce their business idea and team in front of the jury.
Pitch is 2 minutes, slides can be used, followed by Q&A session.

10 finalists will be announced in the evening of the 07th of November, after all teams have had a chance to pitch and got feedback from the jury.



November 16th, 11:30-13:30: STARTERtallinn Autumn 2023 Demo Day
Venue: Exhibition Hall, NEXPO City (address: Kursi, 3, Tallinn, next to Kultuurikatel)
10 best teams from preliminary rounds present their ideas to a jury of experts and have a shot at winning cool prizes from our sponsors and partners.
More information at the STARTERtallinn Autumn 2023 Demo Day Facebook page

the program is designed for students from different educational levels (university, vocational school, gymnasium). We work in teams and each team chooses an idea to work with. The idea serves as an example, don’t worry about picking the best idea in the world. 🙂



September 24th (23:59):     Registration of teams at
October 02nd (23:59):         One-liner submitted to page or sent to
October 29th (23:59):         Draft one-pager (preparations for the pitch-training)
October 30th (23:59):         One-pager uploaded in the Google Drive or sent to (instructions via e-mail)