5 last-minute tips before taking the (Pitching) Stage

Big Pitching Contest will take place on 29th of January in Tartu,  sTARTUp Day. And also Pitching Workshop for Kaleidoskoop and STARTER finalist and also for all others who are interested.  Our mentor of the year and Talking Machine who gives speeches about giving speeches, Vaido Mikheim, is going to give his five thoughts based on hundreds of given and thousands of seen talks.

 5  last-minute tips before taking the (Pitching) Stage!

So, it’s the last evening before you need to take the stage. Your slide deck obviously isn’t ready, your prototype didn’t get ready, your key team member(s) caught a virus, you’ve got loads of advice from literally everyone who cares and you only need to make everything okay (well, better yet, great, right?) in limited number of hours.
Just another day at office, nothing new.

For those folks who can’t attend, here’s a free summary:
1. Keep it simple
2. How can I help You (aka actionability)?
3. Keep calm and be You
4. What is your ONE takeaway message?
5. Get some sleep
And we’re going to validate whether your core message makes sense to audience (see pt. 1 and 4 above).
Now, you can get some more sleep or come to rehearse your talk and/or just be part of sTARTUp vibe. Your choice, we welcome you warmly in any case. It’s cool.


Photo by Ruudu Rahumaru