STARTERlab @University of Tartu Spring 2017

Workshops at 4-7.30 pm @Idea Lab (Narva mnt 4)

February 16th “Idea Storm.100 ideas that will change the world”

Inspiration event with more than 20 founders open to all people.
4-8 pm at Dorpat Conference Centre


February 22nd Ideation and Team Building

1st workshop on idea generation and team formation.

Supervised by Harald Lepisk from Victory Training


March 9 Business Model Canvas

How to create and benefit from business model canvas?
Supervisor: Taavi Tamm


March 23 Pitching Training I

How to present your business idea and leave a memorable impression?

Supervisor: Peter Marculans from Startup Wise Guys



March 30 Mentor Feedback Session

Pitching idea development to mentor panel. Sharing ideas and feedback; networking.
Mentors will be startup founders and experienced startup mentors.


April 6 Product/service design

The art of design thinking while creating product or service.
Supervisor: Yrjo Ojasaar




April 20 Marketing and Sales

Opportunities in (digital)marketing. How to gain some insights about your target group and target market?
Supervisor: Kristjan-Paul Raude from WSI Online


April 27 Startup Revenue Model

How do you earn money?
Supervisor to be specified.




May 5 Pitching Training II

Fundamentals of an awesome pitch.
Supervisor to be specified.




May 11 Business and Project Ideas Competition Kaleidoskoop Selection Round.



May 19 Business and Project Ideas Competition Kaleidoskoop Finals

 Venue to be specified.



CONTACT: Maret Ahonen